Green Dry Cleaners

Bridal Silver Service strives to do what it can for the environment. Director & Business Founder Vivian says, “It is very important to me to do what I can for the community and environment via smarter operations and alternatives to traditional dry cleaning processes. It all makes a difference to our children and families, all those we care about.

Bridal Silver Service uses state of the art cleaning machines and specialised biodegradable solvents and chemicals. This eliminates the pollution and health risks associated with traditional dry cleaning solvents and is an environmentally friendly garment care alternative. For you as a customer, it is also the most gentle option for delicate, beaded garments rather than harsher more traditional methods, it leaves no odour, significantly reduces lint and fading, and therefore extends the life of garments.

Eco-Friendly Hydro Carbon

Bridal Silver Service uses Hydro Carbon Dry Cleaning machines as part of its cleaning processes.

Hydro Carbon Dry Cleaning machines are more eco friendly, do not produce any hazardous waste, or have any negative environmental impacts. This technology uses solvents that create a much softer finish on garments and extends the life expectancy of all items processed. In addition, no colour fading or shrinkage can occur as the new technology is water free.

Wet Cleaning

Wet Cleaning systems use biodegradable detergent and water. Computer controlled dryers & finishing equipment ensure that the fabric remains its natural size, shape and texture. Professional Wet Cleaning is far more gentle on clothes, given the controls put in place to handle garments up to 4 times more gentle than typical domestic washing processes.
For much more delicate pieces, Bridal Silver Service will ensure garments are “hand cleaned” where possible.

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