Pricing Structure – Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning

We strive to provide the best service, quality and value for each of our brides. Our team are always willing to provide an obligation free quote, for all your needs. Factors that will influence the final price include:

  • The style of your wedding gown
  • Any beading, crystals, lace or jewellery embellishment
  • How much pre-cleaning testing is required (to ensure the safety of your garment)
  • Types of fabrics involved in the construction of the garments
  • Degree of Staining
  • Age of Stains
  • Degree of difficulty involved
  • Whether the gown will be boxed
  • Type of box requested
  • If hanging, whether a custom made calico bag is required.
Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning Costs

Slim-Line Style Wedding Gowns
Wedding Gowns that are slim-line to small A-Line fall into this category with no beadwork and a small train
Start from $350.

A-Line Style Wedding Gowns
Bridal Gowns that are a fuller A-Line to full style skirt fall into this category with light beadwork and up to a 2m train. Prices range starts from $450.

Full Style Gowns
Start from $550.

Lace Overlay Gowns
Start from $450

Beaded Lace or Sequined Overlay Gowns
Start from $550

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    ** Remember these prices and dress categories are indicative estimates only. A tighter price range can be provided upon receipt of emailed photos and individual enquires. Complimentary pick-up and drop-off can be arranged for all bridal gown collections within Sydney on confirmed orders.